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British EYFS Curriculum

Let your child grow big in British EYFS Curriculum!
The Little Hearts International Preschool endeavours each student to prepare for academic, social and personal success and strive them to be globally minded citizens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust.
The Management and staff are committed to work together to obtain outstanding results in the academic, co - curricular and extra-curricular arenas.

Actually, what is education?
Education is a process of learning, acquiring skills, knowledge, beliefs, values and habits. The various methods of education include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training and research.
The Little Hearts International Preschool follow the education system of British EYFS Curriculum schools. We follow all the principles put forward by Maria Montessori. We give independence and freedom to children within the limits. We focus on child’s psychological, social and physical development. We follow

Mixed classrooms
Student centered activity
Three hours of continuous working time
Freedom of movement within the classroom
A trained British EYFS Curriculum teacher

Little Hearts International Preschool curriculum is designed to encourage learning that focus on fostering children to develop holistically, morally, aesthetically and globally including knowledge acquisition and academic skills.
Our areas of learning are designed to meet your child’s unique needs. It is suitable for very young children, and it’s designed to be really flexible so that staff can follow your child’s unique needs and interests.

British EYFS Curriculum
We use the human development approach to education. We follow the published works, pedagogy, lessons and materials introduced by her in her teacher training classes.
British EYFS Curriculum focus on free activity within a prescribed limit. It allows the child to move freely within the prescribed environment. It helps the child to interact with the environment freely. This environment of learning allows the child to develop independence in all areas, and it will lead to the overall development of the child.

Principles of British EYFS Curriculum
1. Even though they are children they should be respected for their individuality.
2. The first six years of age in children are highly formative.
3. Children have their ability to direct their own learning without the support of adults.
4. It is during the early childhood period, children’s minds accept new information.
5. Recollection of material does not increase the skill of children, but it reduces them.

At classrooms of British EYFS Curriculum School, children choses their work. All activities are child centered. The teacher only observes child’s behaviour and understands the factor that motivates them and encourage the children to learn. After close observation, the teacher gives the appropriate learning materials to the children.


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